Strategic Planning

Key Benefits

  • Most current thinking, products, and services for customer relations
  • Optimization of customer messaging, and product packaging
  • Sales optimization for complex products and services


Trevelyan Group Customer Management philosophy is based on historical, current, and future views of how to successfully win, retain, and grow customers.  We believe that the customer should see the company as an individual, and that the company’s many different contact points see one customer.  We believe that the interaction between company and customer needs to be as if two people are having a conversation. The conversation will have emotional and directional focus.  For a      company to match the moods and personalities of the customer-side of the      conversation, extensive informational and analytical tools must be provided seamlessly and invisibly to the employee or technology engaging the customer.

Our broad industry background provides us with the ability to bring best-in-breed approaches to business problems.  Specializing on Customer Management strategies, Trevelyan Group has advised many Global 500 businesses of winning strategies and approaches for competitive advantage.

We bring external views to corporations who are often too busy to look at a broader or more comprehensive customer relations approach.

We believe that the investments made to date in marketing, contact management, contact center and analysis have great inherent value.  Our vision is to incorporate those investments in a customer-winning personality for the company.

In this time of short term focus (quarterly results) we provide approaches and solutions that are implementable in 60-120 day windows.

Our information based approach involves all affected management and employees in an organization.  We work with our customers in a building-block approach – from a high level strategy to the elements required to ensure their success.

We also provide high level sales leadership training for many industries.  Using proven consultative techniques with our approaches, we assist organizations to package and discuss complex offerings in the manner expected of the executive purchaser.  Our work has been used by Presidents to senior sales personnel.  This work is not to be confused with standard courseware.  The approach is very effective often driving million dollar solutions sales immediately after the programs). The value of the approach requires forward thinking executive management approval and involvement.

Reference Accounts

All business activities with the following organizations    are confidential and proprietary and often represent significant competitive    advantage.

Major Domestic and International Airline
With senior management of a major domestic carrier, developed strategy and approach for the reorganization of the management structure to incorporate the customer under one umbrella

With senior management of a major International carrier, developed a  comprehensive customer management approach.  Worked with the management  team to acquire and implement high-performance tools to implement the  strategy.  Worked with marketing and sales to optimize results of the new  customer approach.  Positioned frequent flyer database to be sold as a  comprehensive marketing company to assist in paying down the debt of the airline.

Major International Airline

Provided a comprehensive market and competitive strategic approach for an  international airline facing heavy competition from US Majors.  Evaluated  and created strategies for market positioning, route development, cost cutting  approaches, and customer management.Provided comprehensive written and verbal results to all levels of  management.  Worked in communicating new philosophies and approaches to  all levels.

Major National Financial Institution
Provided strategic services for a major financial instruction in the  design, implementation, and measurement of CRM
Major Technology Companies
High Level customer based sales training and sales planning have been conducted with NCR Corporation©, IBM Corporation©, and Microsoft Corporation©

NCR Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Microsoft Corporation are registered trademarks and trade names of those companies.

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