Battle between Decision-Making Elites & Operational Frontline

Information = Power.  Politics of decision-rights…  Maintaining departmental information close to the chest is a way to create power – perceived power. Real power is sharing information so that the business overall benefits.  However:

  • Compensation plans don’t recognize this reality – but rather compensate people for outdated approaches.
  • Staffing plans ratify the power model by penalizing those departments which have a broad –based approach to information sharing
  • Businesses provide operational ‘dashboards” to executive offices or to departmental power users. Largely the dashboards are focused on a departmental view –  ie sales.

Middle-managers, where decisions get made, they are dependent on operational intelligence.  Need 2 way communications, same model as for CRM.

Decision-Making Elite –

Event-driven decisions.  Operational Intelligence versus strategic intelligence (need a distinction to represent operating model decisions, transformational decisions)

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