Key Benefits

  • Improved operations through customer knowledge
  • Reduction in costs associated with M&E (base and line)
  • Improved reliability through deeper knowledge
  • Customer optimization (profitability, retention, identification)
  • Enhanced security and employee authorization


Trevelyan Group is experienced in many areas of the airline business.  We have consulted in Safety Management, Quality Assurance, Flight Operations: Maintenance & Engineering including Inventory, Parts Management, Work Management; Customer Service; Customer Relationship Management; Cost containment including commissions; employee fraud; and Food and Catering Operations; Airport Operations; Marketing: Frequent Flyer including identification and tracking of unknown customers and reward targeting; Pricing; Market Management including demand management and demand-based scheduling; Revenue Optimization; Cargo Operations including station deal management; Cargo Revenue Management; Revenue Accounting; Fuel Management; Scheduling; and Sales.

Related experience in GDS management include: new product offerings, revenue enhancement; security; and broad scale information management.

Extensive work has been done with travel agency commissions and rewards; inter-related service offerings with travel agents; deal management; and information sharing opportunities.

Airline IndustryThere are many opportunities for enhancement of the business  of airlines.  Samples of opportunities are :

Customer  identification and recognition environment  –   The customer recognition system, to value, manage, reward and track customers,  must be augmented with sophisticated tools to identify and track ‘unknown’   customers.  Linked  to revenue measures, and profiles, the customer recognition systems can be  used to significantly enhance security.    The environment can and should be extended inward to track, identify,  and manage employees – including enhanced abilities to ensure appropriate  licensing of skilled labor     

Bureaucracy   reduction through  information visibility. Track all cost items including hidden costs –   one of the biggest obstacles to success is the heavy bureaucracy.    Bureaucracy can be significantly reduced through information  visibility.  Ready  sharing of information across the business in a timely and accurate manner  will actually enable more controls without heavy bureaucratic efforts.   

Re-value  partnerships to jointly win against competition – there are many  opportunities to partner for differentiation.    Each potential O&D and market should be evaluated as to opportunity  for differentiation, as well as for profitability.    Customers will move to an airline that meets their specific needs –   and a differentiated airline provides unique abilities to match individual  customer requirements.     

Systematic  revenue management and route planning optimization –Automated systems  will optimize revenue streams and maximize revenue per flight.    Based on future market opportunities evaluated through Revenue  Management systems and outside information sources, future market  opportunities can be defined and the airline can better position itself  against competition     

Development  and implementation  of training to increase service  levels and consistencies – While getting information to customer touch  points will take time, education of front line personnel in customer treatment  will go a long way to determining customer loyalty     

Enabling  information flow throughout the business – the management team needs  better information to run the business.    Better information can also reduce cost through the ability to identify  cost issues throughout the company.     Maintenance and Engineering will be able to better place parts and  optimize the cost of inventory.    Commissary and Catering will be able to optimize aircraft supply to  minimize costs.

GDS advances enable GDS’ to do things that couldn’t be done before.  Advanced business modeling (retention, stratification, acquisition), combined with the high-speed network infrastructure provide GDS’ with the basics to deliver the information where it is needed.  The opportunity for GDS’s customers to execute advanced customer management will be a clear differentiator in the business

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