How do we produce meaning?

How can you reduce the cost of developing meaning? Meaning is relative to the individual.  BI techniques assume everybody is the same (see above).  Most companies offer standardized reports or applications –usually the creation of an IT person – that do not meet the needs of the individual.  We all have different approaches to situations – some good and some bad.  However even with a good approach different people do and act differently.  BI should allow the individual to prepare for each situation from the vast knowledge store inherent in any business.  People don’t need reports.  They need information, knowledge and a way to communicate their approach.  Reports are IT’s approach to producing information – it seems easier to make a report (“show me what you want to see and I will give you a report”.  But we all know that a report just generates questions – Why is this here?  How did this happen”. Without good BI tools to drill down, the natural human instinct to question information is stifled and knowledge not obtained.  BI is critical to making information work.

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