Key Benefits

  • Optimized packaging for increased profitability
  • Retention; Profit Optimization
  • Multi-service optimization and support in sales/support


We are focused on the management of the customer relationship continuum.  We evaluate and recommend the use new software solutions for relationship management.   Our clients include major telecommunications concerns in Australia, Europe and the US.  

As part of the management of the relationship, the technology tools can be designed to inter-actively trigger ‘agents’ to do various things like re-calculate customer value, determine the most appropriate call center script, and determine the next most likely product. Part of the activity generated by the agents is ‘data mining’ and ‘analytic assessment’ tools.  

We work closely with software developers and suppliers to bring a comprehensive view of relationship management to the telephone services company.  Using automated model development processes available on the market, we work with our customers marketing department.  The automatic creation and execution of business models significantly reduces the time-to-market of campaigns. 

We see the use of active modeling to be a key component in the Relationship Management environment of the future.  The use of automatic model generation and active ‘agents, reduces your personnel requirement yet produces highly target results within the relationship management process. 

Other activities within the industry include:

  • Win Back models – targeting customers who have gone to the competition.  We developed the analytical and informational tools and services to determine prioritized lists of customers likely to return and using analytic techniques to determine the best offering.
  • Product Packaging – many telecommunications companies offer suites of products that may be counter-intuitive.  We have seen packages that offer dissimilar products that confuse customers and employees alike.  We have developed and implemented high-performance tools to optimize product packaging to ensure customer loyalty.CRM – We have been in the Customer Relationship Management business for many years.  We correctly forecasted the limited value in ‘product-push’ environments that alienate customers and cause attrition.  We believe in a holistic approach to customers that creates a win-win situation.  We know that the barriers to entry into a mutually beneficial relationship are sufficiently great as to negate competitive approaches.

Reference Accounts

All business activities with the following organizations are confidential and proprietary and often represent significant competitive advantage.

Our customers are both domestic and international.  They include cable, broadband, local, long distance and mobile services.

Major International Telecommunications Company        
Developed analytical models and implemented services and procedures to use the derived information for Win Back strategies.  Highly successful.  Developed positioning for comprehensive cross-channel (or business unit) customer identification and offering packages – including broadband, internet, cellular and local, and long distance products.
Major European Cellular
Involved in strategy and design for comprehensive mobile offering.  Defined winning strategies in face of heavy competition.  Developed strategy and direction for cross-business unit offerings.  Developed strategy for customer satisfaction including the concept that the best customers should get the optimum deal for retention purposes.
Major US Telecommunications Company        
Developed cross sell strategies and approaches.  Worked with partners to develop database services and applications for analysis and then delivery of new package offerings.  Developed measurement services to ensure customers were receiving value vs. the competition. 

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