Business Sector Examples

Services Overview

We offer discovery, strategy, positioning, design, development  implementation, measurement, and post-implementation validation of business  solutions related to customer communications.  We provide operational  structure, internal communications and training recommendations to successfully  achieve the corporate goals.  We have worked with many business sectors and  specialize in:

Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Card)
Retention, Acquisition and Profitability analysis in retail banking;  Intelligent delivery of information to customer touchpoints; Prediction and targeting of optimum         customer/product/service offerings;  Event-based operational communications; foundation product offerings for small business.
Aviation (Customer management, M&E, Operations)
Frequent Flyer management; profile development; customer vs. ticket/PNR knowledge development (security, target marketing); airport operations; cargo enhanced product management,;Inventory optimization; schedule optimization to customer behavior;          enhanced revenue management;  Customer driven equipment substitution; pricing optimization; CRM strategy and implementation; enhanced information delivery to point-of-need.
Logistics (Package delivery, Rail,) 
Information consolidation; train-build optimization; customer management;          customer/deal optimization; pricing
Telecom (Cellular, Local, Long Distance, Broadband, Cable)
Packaging of products and services; target marketing; win-back strategies and implementation; product and service link optimization, pricing stratification; focused messaging across multiple channels.
Strategic Planning  (Customer, Marketing, Training in complex sales)
Strategy in all aspects of customer management; training for  complex sales (IT, general sales); positioning and product development

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