Financial Services

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced retention of profitable customers
  • Consistent Customer Experience
  • Appropriate and timely messaging to all touchpoints


The banking objectives – – providing a leading Financial Services brand – is driven from a trilogy of focus

  1. Customer-centric growth
  2. Differentiated Sales and Service
  3. Execution excellence.

The maximization of the first two can be and will be driven from the concept and actualization of Customer Relationship Management principles.  The financial services marketplace is well aware of the relatively static market size – and each participant will try to optimize their share of the customer’s wallet.

The winners in this marketplace will be those companies that build such strong relationships with customers that become barriers to penetration by competitors.

The reality in any business is that the relationships are the fundamental assets of the business.  Relationships are the foundation for the future. Relationships will determine the return to all of the relationship stakeholders – company, customer, investor, employee.

The customer has moved beyond the ‘product’.  Companies that move beyond the product to relationships must fundamentally alter their culture, process, and management.  Increasing emphasis on soft benefits, attitudes and appropriate levels of communication will differentiate relationships of the future from the customers of the past 

Reference Accounts

All business activities with the following organizations  are confidential and proprietary and often represent significant competitive advantage.

Major West Coast Retail Bank

Using advanced analytics, we developed in conjunction with the bank, models to reflect:


  • next logical product
  • account closures
  • cross-sell opportunities


  •  who is at risk
  • likelihood of ‘save’
  • accounts to ‘fire’


  • best account types to target
  • initial product suite
  • product suite most likely to interest new customers

  Once the models were in place, we developed measurement          methodologies and communications requirements (to employees for use of the results).

We developed and executed analyses of next generation  information requirements.  We targeted ‘consistent customer experience’ as the foundation to ensure appropriate and consistent information at all customer touchpoints including private banker, ATM, teller, branch officer, and contact center.

Very large international bank

Worked with the Bank to develop and implement ‘event’- based tools to optimize customer interaction.  Ensured that customer activities were visible across all channels where appropriate.Developed communication strategies and messages for those in contact with the customer.  Developed and implemented measurement services to validate the returns from the activities.

Regional Bank
Executed strategies to gain new and retain profitable customers in the face of severe competition from large national financial institutions.
Evaluated and implemented major new technologies to ‘actualize the marketing plan’ ensuring complete customer communications. Developed and positioned new vehicles to optimize employee communications  especially those in the face of the customer.

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