Key Benefits

  • Improved operations = savings
  • Optimal deal management
  • Increased depth of customer/company relations            


Package Delivery / Logistics

     The industry, in broad terms, is attempting to:  

  • Improved Customer Experience and overall service 
  • Create a measurable Customer Value Proposition
  • Maximize Network Efficiencies
  • Streamline Bureaucracy, Reduce Overhead and costs   

The industry demonstrates operational excellence,employs highly qualified people, and uses technology to attempt differentiation.  However there are many issues facing the package delivery and logistics industries today. While the  industry excels at operational dimensions, customers now interact with many customer service groups.  The industry has never managed the “one call solution” environment to meet customer requirements. Some of these are:

                Customer Recognition                                                  Customer Service:
                Single view of the customer                 Pricing
                Profitability by Customer                 Sales
                Commoditization                                  Tiered offerings:
                Contract Compliance                                                  Point of Presence   
                Refund Analysis                 Consignee determination
                Loss and Damage Claims                 Time specific capture and                delivery
                Manual Airbill Reduction:                 Return and Repair
                 Logistics  / SCM