Trevelyan Group Solutions for the Digital Age

The Trevelyan Group is a consortium of highly skilled individuals who understand the profound nature of business change in today’s information world.  Our focus is “Business Transformation”.  We bring to you experts to understand your business, evaluating change prerequisites, and enable implementation of new processes and techniques.  We focus on your relationships with your existing and future customers.  We work with you and your management team to uncover the inherent ‘intelligence’ that lies buried within your business operations.  Once uncovered, we bring experience at using new technologies and practices to create an in-depth understanding of your current and potential customer base.  We then develop optimum, actionable, business approaches to maximize the business results.  We introduce and implement highly creative advanced technologies that bring optimum information to the decision-maker. We develop policies and procedures to incorporate new technologies within the management structure.  We are totally focused on replacing outdated and irrelevant aspects in today’s business operation and with the ‘intelligence’ and ‘know how’ that are not currently being recognized.  Leading edge tools need to be put into perspective of the knowledge base of the organization.

We are change assistants who work with your management team to develop the tools, precision, speed and flexibility needed to compete today.  We lead companies from the conceptual visualization of the business to physically acting on the information to change how they do business in response to their customers. We work with you to change your organization to compete and win.