Value Discovery Overview

Value Discovery Overview

Value Discovery focuses on revealing practical, information-based solutions to issues that the customer is facing.  the emphasis of this activity is on Value issues, not technology, that can be addressed through advanced technological solutions.

Value Discovery is a consultative Value evaluation process – the key objective being to identify Value issues, data requirements and process change complexity required to maximize your business success. The output of Value Discovery is a prioritisation of the customer’s Value issues and quantifiable benefits to act as a roadmap of Analytic Enterprise implementation projects also known as Value Improvement Opportunities.

The Value Discovery process provides an interactive and pro-active forum where our team members engage interdisciplinary teams from the customer to synthesize the customer’s Value needs.

Working with the customer’s subject matter experts, we assess the information challenges that currently exist in the Value and the Value benefits of overcoming those challenges.

Our objectives will be to:

  • Understand what is currently impacting Value in terms of decision support
  • Understand the metrics used to monitor performance, their current values and trends
  • Identify information needs to support future Value initiatives and to build the performance metrics
  • Gain agreement on the priorities of overcoming obstacles for both current and future Value needs
  • Quantify the value of overcoming obstacles.
  • Determine how analytics, once implemented, move towards changing the business for the better

Our experienced consultants facilitate the process of documenting strategic corporate objectives by conducting individual in-depth interviews with a selected number of executives and Value managers. After all the interviews have been completed, the findings are level-set with a select group of the customer executives to prioritize the goals, objectives, strategies, and critical success factors.

As a result, Value Discovery uncovers high-impact Value improvement opportunities for the customer. The end result is the identification and prioritization of the Value questions that, when answered through the implementation of an Analytic Enterprise Solution, have the potential in providing the greatest Value return in terms of performance, productivity and profitability.